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Why use a compressor?

Using a compressor in the cellar to drive the beverage pumps reduces your running costs. Typical payback on purchasing a beverage compressor is 6-12 months, depending on current CO2 usage. From then on you are saving money.

It will also reduce the time used in changing CO2 tanks at the pub or restaurant. As well as reducing the environmental impact of discharging CO2 into the atmosphere.

What applications are these compressors used for?

Supplying air for:

  • Beverage pumps
  • Carbonated drinks dispensing
  • Tank beer dispensing
  • Fast food restaurants – ketchup dispensing
  • Mixed gas panel air source
What are the main advantages of an Absolute Beverage compressor?
  • Compact design
  • Quiet in operation
  • Oil free / Low power consumption
  • Optional auto-drain
  • Internally coated air tank
  • Simple wall mounted bracket
What is the warranty of an Absolute Beverage compressor?

The Absolute Beverage compressors comes with a 5-year warranty.

What is the life expectancy on an Absolute Beverage unit?

The life expectancy is typically 10 years.

Where do I put the compressor in my cellar?

The compressor ideally should be located close to a power supply and wall mounted using the wall bracket. It is easy to fit and comes with mounting bolts. The compressor is secured to the frame through the feet of the compressor being bolted in position.

Usually mounting 1 metre from the ground on the wall would be sufficient to ensure the compressor is protected from any direct water jets from cleaning hoses.

Will the compressor run all the time?

No, the compressor unit is designed to fill the air tank. Once it gets to 8 bar pressure, the compressor will switch off. As the pressure falls in the tank to 6 bar it will switch back on and fill the tank back to 8 bar before switching off.

If your compressor does not switch off, please contact a member of your maintenance team or our technical line 01527 557006

What pressure should I set the outlet regulator to on the compressor outlet?

This does depend on the application and preferred pressure settings. Typically for beverage pumps the outlet regulator is adjusted to 3 Bar (0.3kpa or 45 psig). This is easily adjusted using the knob at the top of the regulator. Simply pull the knob up and adjust clockwise or anticlockwise to achieve the required pressure. The regulator has a pressure gauge to indicate the outlet pressure. Push down the knob which locks it at the set pressure.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Minimum maintenance is required for the compressor. Simple weekly checks ensure best practice. Checking for air leaks, ensuring the air tank is free of any moisture and checking the pressure in the air tank will ensure trouble free long life. The inlet air filter & filter regulator filter should be changed every two years.

Do I need CO2?

You will still need CO2 for beer use within the cellar.

It is standard practice to have a standby cylinder of CO2 and a changeover valve, so that in the unlikely event of a compressor not working, you can simply use the changeover valve to operate the beverage pumps while the fault is investigated.

What is the changeover valve & why should I use this?

The Gas changeover valve is a brass valve purposely designed to work with compressed air and CO2.

The valve is robust and does not leak. It is not prone to breaking or leaking like plastic valves.

It comes with duplex safety valves and is designed to wall mount. You then bring a feed from the compressor to one side of the valve and CO2 feed into the other side. It is easy to changeover the valve from one either Air or CO2 by using the lever to select the correct source.

If CO2 is not being used it should be isolated and the main tank gas valve closed to ensure safe gas use.

Can I link compressors together in a large restaurant / pub or large public venue?

Yes, the compressors can be linked easily to operate multiple beverage pumps.

Who do I contact in the event of a fault?

Firstly, contact your provider, if supplied by a Beverage service provider or Brewery technical services. Our technical support team can also deal with any technical questions regarding the compressor  +44 (0)1527 557006

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

We keep stock of all compressors and accessories. If ordered before 15:00 the goods will be despatched the same day and will be delivered the next working day. We ship all our items with DPD which ensure a fast and reliable service. Worldwide shipping is available on all online orders.

Where do you ship?

Worldwide shipping is available on all orders. We offer postcode lookup during check out, which ensues your address is securely matched. All items qualify for next day delivery to mainland UK addresses. (over £100)

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